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-->They don't have to make sense or follow a pattern nor any distinguishable grammatical structure. They are merely thoughts, "tied to a horse that will never tire", that stemmed from an original theme. This theme happens to be Fire, elaborated on through subcategories.

wild: day of rage, day of trial, day of vengeance. The angry sweltering heat steals away life, pulling in its victim. Trickery, torment and distress. Warm colors; reds and oranges, and the yellow of a solar fury; the sun's punishing rays in rising steam of industrial death. Having the power of destruction, the power of rebirth, of fertility and lust.

candle: the flame of knowledge and wisdom. A spirit sleeps in the fire, waiting. Let me ponder as a monk or a wanderer, or even as I am: a soul in need. Stare with questions into a flicker that keeps its secrets. Give me calm. You shall yield to me one more time before I die.

campfire: Keep us alive! Keep our blood warm, our hearts pulsing, and our spirits healthy. My prayer to you, my final plea shall be: do not surrender us to the night; the death that lies beyond your warming boundry, but keep us close to your bosom as a mother nestles her child... for we need you now, as we have never needed anything. Let not the cold take us to the underworld.
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