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-->They don't have to make sense or follow a pattern nor any distinguishable grammatical structure. They are merely thoughts, "tied to a horse that will never tire", that stemmed from an original theme. This theme happens to be Water, elaborated on through subcategories.

night wind: the night is dark, silent, and apprehensive--until the wind comes. Like a hissing snake it cycles by my window, screaming in terror of its own power, unsure of its destination. I doubt it even cares, for it is wild with madness as it tears through the night, all the while hissing in the ears of those it passes. It drives me back to my bed, my eyes pressed tightly with tears as I try to escape the madness. Only sleep can let me escape, but I cannot attain that state of mindless rest while the noise persists.

desert wind: the soft grains of sand surrender to it as it passes, giving in to its stronger hand. The wind blows with the sand in symbiosis, being its guide to a new, uncharted place.

gale: it frightens me like no other. viciously and mercilessly tears limbs from the trees where they were raised. It is relentless; the hand of Harcadia who wishes to bring more lives down into its void. The seas rock with the sweeping winds who yearn to devour everything. But what will be left for it to feed on once its task is finally complete? Will it die itself? Or will it realize its own hopelessness and retreat back to the stars; the calm between the storms.

breeze: the voice of the earthen mother. I find comfort in the cresting cold; whispering air sweeps by me, cooling my skin and relieving me of life's pain. Its touch is cooling reassurance of the Element of Earth.
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